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Kaleidoscope Supplies: Chip canDecorative paperIridescent pony beadsIridescent faceted beadsHot glueClear plasticMirror paperAwl (leader use only) Prepare: Cut the decorative paper to fit around the outside of the chip can.Punch a hole in the metal end...

Thirst-Buster Water Bottle

Thirst-Buster Water Bottle “But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst . . . “ John 4:14a Supplies: Refillable Water BottleDuct Tape (various colors)Scissors (optional)Permanent Markers Instructions: To create the handle or shoulder...

Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting Supplies: Small disposable cupsLiquid food coloringLiquid dish soapWaterSpoonDrinking strawPaperMarkersNewspapers or a crafting table cloth Prepare: It's a good idea to put newspaper or a craft tablecloth under the cups before you begin....

Message Launcher

Message Launcher Then he said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15 Supplies: StrawsMetallic chenille stems in a variety of colors—6” piecesMarkersCopy paper cut in 3” X 1 1/4” piecesTape Instructions: Use...

Quiet Kerplunk

Quiet Kerplunk Supplies: Two plastic bottlesCraft knife (Leader use only)Clear tapeHole punchPom-pomsPlastic straws Prepare: Remove the neck from each bottle.Punch a row of holes every couple of inches around the rim of each bottle. Punch a second...




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