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The emails to parents we’ve been sending these last few weeks have been well received. I thought I would share this one that includes activities for Palm Sunday. Moving to Easter is a challenge since we usually enjoy waving palm branches in the worship service. Here are some ideas you can share with parents if you want. The note to parents was written by Jana Magruder, Director of LifeWay Kids. It’s a great reminder to enjoy family worship. Be sure to see all their blog posts at LifeWay Kids 101. I have noticed several children’s pastors sharing on Facebook their sermon note pages for kids. That could be useful for the many weeks ahead. I hope you will enjoy these ideas.

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Mr. Mark

Children’s Ministry Weekly Resources
Dear Parents—
Chances are your family might be experiencing some anxiety in this unprecedented situation. Use this extra time wisely and talk about God’s Word—the ultimate soother of our souls and healer of our hearts!  Try this to get you started: read, pray, sing—repeat! In his little book, Family Worship, Donald S. Whitney gives a simple formula for how to have a family worship time. Most of us are capable of doing this. Just gather your crew, open your Bibles, read a chapter or two aloud, say a prayer, and sing a song!

Read: You might choose to go through one of the Gospels together, or read a Psalm and a chapter from Proverbs. The ages of your children might dictate the content you choose. If you have younger children, consider grabbing one of their Bible storybooks and selecting a Bible story to read aloud while showing pictures. Older children and teens can help read aloud portions of Scripture. Everyone can add to the discussion by asking questions and offering comments. And guess what? If you don’t know the answer, that’s ok. Acknowledge the great question and offer to do some research and report back next time. Of course kids and teenagers are really good at asking questions that we would all like to know, but simply won’t have the answer this side of Heaven. It’s okay if that’s your answer too. 

Pray: End your Bible reading and discussion time in prayer. You can ask your family what they would like to pray for. Are they worried and fearful about the coronavirus? Are people you know in your community actually sick with COVID-19 and need prayer? Is anyone in your family lonely and feeling isolated from friends and classmates? Is there too much sibling conflict from being cooped up? Offer prayers of hope and encouragement, repentance, and intercession. 

Sing: Close your family worship time by singing a song or two. Singing together might feel strange if you’ve never done so before. You might start by playing a worship song your family is familiar with from church worship or the radio. Ask everyone to sing along. Or, sing simple hymns that everyone knows—no accompaniment necessary. Now, repeat the routine. It will get more comfortable each time. This habit could change your family forever. 
Movement: Scavenger Hunt
Time for a Scavenger Hunt! Post your pics & videos on Facebook and tag with #quailkids so others can see. Can you do all SEVEN this week?

March 30
·        Photo with your favorite book.
·        Photo in your bedroom
·        Video of you acting out a Bible story 
·        Photo with your favorite stuffed animal
·        Photo with a paper hat you made
·        Photo in crazy socks
·        Photo wearing all blue
Fun: Jesus’ Last Days Murals
Supplies: Sidewalk chalk

Instructions: Head to the driveway or a sidewalk to illustrate pictures of what Jesus’ last days might have looked like. Direct your kids to draw the following:
·        Jesus praying in the garden
·        Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey
·        Jesus sharing the Last Supper with the disciples
·        Jesus on the cross
·        The empty tomb
Art: Palm Branches
Palm Sunday is this Sunday and it will feel different this year. The good news is that Jesus is the same! Here are a couple of options for you to have your kids make their own Palm Branches

1. Cut green paper into thin strips and glue them on a craft stick.
2. Trace children’s hands on green paper and cut out (make 2-3 sets of hands).
3. Glue paper hands to craft stick.
4. Use the palm branches Sunday as we worship online. “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”
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Printable: Sermon Notes
Printable: Example of Weekly Email

The sky scraper building is on two large (8’x 4’) panels with an adhesive back. This colorful and detailed building is super easy to adhere to construction foam panels. Begin with cutting away the small white edge, apply the sticker to the foam board, and stand on the stage. That’s all! You are done!

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