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Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon In the beginning God created . . . Genesis 1:1 Supplies: Large Wooden Circles Gesso Water-based Markers—lighter (warm) colors Small Spray Bottle of Water Paint Brush Coarse Sea Salt Large Clothes Pin Quick Drying Craft Glue Paper Towels...

Ping-Pong Play

Ping-Pong Play I guess we should buy Ping-Pong balls by the case!  It seems like we use these little jewels for so many Bible skill games and other games too. The problem is, they die easily. They get stepped on or lost, and sometimes they...

Spinner Art

Spinner Art One way that preschoolers learn is through curiosity.  Salad spinners are great for a curious art project.  I hope your preschool department has a salad spinner but if not, just bring one from home.  It will wash! Supplies:...

Alphabet Press

Alphabet Press Here is a fun use for playdough that has been mixed together and, on its way, out of the classroom.  Stamping letters to create words! Supplies Needed: Alphabet stampersPlay doughWord strips (You could use new words or words from your...

What About Halloween?

What About Halloween?

Each year we enjoy providing “Light the Night.” Church members and classes have the opportunity to host the event for their neighborhood. They would set up a game or two the kids can play and give out lots of candy from the church, but best of all, I had a bounce...




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