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Bible Skill Boosters – Red Cycle


We just finished!  Lynn Jordan and I teamed up to create new games and write a bonus book of Bible skills for the verses of the Red Cycle in Bible Drill.  This new book is filled with fun games for each of the 25 verses, as well as key passages, Bible book games, and review games!  The book is 18 pages of colorful pictures and simple, quick directions.  This book is available as a file download.




I just started another fun year of Bible Skills and Drills on Wednesday nights.  We had a great group of kids show up last Wednesday and a wonderful team of teachers.  If you are looking for a terrific idea for discipling your children, I suggest teaching them Bible skills that will last them a lifetime.   

We organize with a rotation method like VBS.  After a day of school, the kids enjoy moving around in shorter class times with all the variety we offer.  The teachers have been working all day so teaching a classes for only 30 minutes and then repeating, is so much easier.   I’ll keep you posted through the year with great pics on my Facebook page- Mr. Mark’s Classroom.  I also have a Facebook live training there for teaching these games and how to provide Bible Drill.  “Like” the page so you can see more posts as they happen. 


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